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I am a bad, bad blogger. March 18, 2011

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I know this, and I am sorry.  For what it’s worth, I have been healing and not feeling like doing much more than whine about it – and being I have no desire to now or later revisit my whine fest I avoided blogging at all.

As of last Thursday, I have been released for “light” exercises from my Doctor. I am permitted to lift 1-2 pound weights – of course the lightest one we have here is a 10lb one. Oh well. That’s what canned goods are for. That and walking. Lots and lots of walking. For hours per day in fact. He said walking is good exercise for the back. Unless you have a very weak (which I seem to now have for the moment), you probably do not even realize the muscles in your back that are being used in walking. I do. It’s something I’ll never take for granted again – in my life!

I have however had time to drool over my garden catalogs, and even placed an order. We’re getting a cherry tree, and two black berry – what, vines, bushes? What ever. Two of those. Mostly because we used to have wild raspberries growing at a cabin we rented in the country – the one with a brook right behind the house – the one we where we got flooded, still I miss that place <sigh> So, being true to form – I shall take what I miss from there, and bring it here –  While they grew wild – I had decided to train a few onto an arbor. The ones on the arbor ripened more quickly, grew larger, and were much easier to harvest. Plus, since they were on a hill – it saved them from being accidently mowed over…again. Not that it would happen here – since we have an all garden-no lawn theme going on:)


Back to work – and it feels good. February 22, 2011

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No, I’m not working outside the home again. I’m not sure what lies ahead for me in that regard. I’ve been a bit of a miserable home maker as of late though, and it finally sunk in why – because I wasn’t doing it. Yes, I’ve been doing my chores, no one has missed a meal, or a snack for that matter. I still bake, and mate socks (although, usually a pair at a time…) and all else that’s implied with being a home maker. But, it’s about making the home too – not just maintaining it.

So, yesterday I woke up took an ibuprofen and went to work on ironing the fabric I purchased weeks ago to make some kitchen accessories. For my $6.00 splurge – I expect to get curtains, cushions for the benches to the kitchen table, a couple of pot holders and maybe a table runner.

A seamstress I am not – but I do enjoy the idea of sewing immensely. That’s what keeps me trying. Of course, if I tried more often – I might be better at it. None the less, I now have new Kitchen Curtains hanging. I even made the tie backs with a little ruffle. I was a little concerned about trying that with this fabric, it’s upholstery fabric I purchased at Ocean State Job Lots…which is a bargain variety store of sorts. Three yards for $6 was too much to pass up, and I decided to get as much out of it as possible.

Next, I will start working on cushions for the benches. The comforter I’m repurposing for the padding is now in the washing machine, and then I will be off and running with that. In the mean time, I have a few scrap pieces from the curtains, and am working on cutting squares for some pot holders to put together with some scrap denim squares I’ve got lying around. Now that I’m moving along with it – I’m excited to see just how much I can get out of my little splurge.


Trying to learn to knit February 3, 2011

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I’ve been crocheting since I was pregnant with my daughter – who will be 19 yo next month. I was on bed rest with my 3 yo son. Crochet gave me a way to keep my sanity, as well as make little things to enchant and entertain my son at the same time.  Crochet will always be my first love. But it’s been almost 20 years now, and I’m ready for a little something different. Something a little dangerous – if you could see me wield my needles, you’d understand.

This is my first swatch. Tonight, I’m attempting to add the pearl stitch to my repertoire and see what I come up with.


This look like a good time to you? January 30, 2011

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But it really was. It helps that the “pencil” protruding from my hand is in fact a latex prosthetic from our local costume shop. DD and I spent some time there this afternoon at a free make-up class.  It was, as many of the best things are – a last minute type of thing. S.S and I just noticed the sign out in front of the store while we were on the bus on our way home yesterday. I called Sammy right away, knowing she’d be thrilled to attend. Unfortunately, it was a bit short notice for her to find any one to go with – so I went with her, and I’m glad I did. We had a really good time there. It’s been a while since we’ve had any “Mommy-Girl” time, as we call it.

                                         This definately fit the bill.


Really? January 24, 2011

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So, on my quest of crochet patterns to make thoughtful and sweet little gifts for those I love this Valentine’s Day things have taken an odd turn here. There is an overwhelming demand for the most basic/simple thing I think I’ve ever made. Slippers that have been lovingly and laughingly dubbed as “Slocks” by my family. The pattern can be found here at Bev’s Country Cottage . I made them for Christmas in 2009. Last night, my brother even stopped down here with his on to show me the holes and pulls he’s developed in his; to strengthen his plea for a new pair.

                                        So, Slocks it is.


Nothing much… January 21, 2011

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I’ve been working mostly on simple little things. Laundry, mending (finally!), and cutting up my recycled fabric stash, meaning old clothes that are too far gone to be passed along any other way.

We’ve discovered a way to watch t.v on the computer. Well, not discovered exactly – I mean, there’s commercials all over for it, and on the shows we do watch there’s always the added “if you’ve missed an episode go to www. someplace dot com” at the end. I just finally decided to take a look at what’s out there. Yesterday, I was watching the first two episodes of  Downtown Abbey at Love it!

Today won’t be much more exciting. Marketing, working in my room. I’m sure I’ll find something to watch while I work. I’m really just posting to be sure I’m not disappearing again…


4 More Sleeps January 17, 2011

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That’s how Hubby and I count the time until he’s home again. He left for another week working out-of-town this morning. He’s been gone for almost an hour, and I already miss him.

Next week, he starts a new job – one where he will be working locally. For another 3 months, any way. After that, he’ll be back on the road, in Buffalo or NJ. Buffalo would be nice, most of his family lives there.

While he’s on the road this week, I’d like to get things in better order so I can actually enjoy the time he’s home again. We changed rooms around a bit over the weekend –  the kids traded spaces, and , well the kids did it themselves. There’s a little tweaking (cleaning,organizing) left to be done…

I’d better get moving though, only 4 more sleeps to go!