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It’s in the bag… October 14, 2009

Filed under: Crochet — knottywitch @ 6:15 pm

 If nothing else – it’s a great way to use up a yarn stash while creating a gift that can be loved, and used! The purple and green bag is for my daughter to carry her sketch books and pencils in. She carries them around like I carry my camera – but with better results!

After that, one of our neighbors who has a 6 yo daughter informed me that now her DD was pining after DD’s bag, and wishes for one of her own.

Only smaller (since she’s 6, and DD’s bag is almost as big as her toroso), so I asked my munchkin what colors she would like. Brown and pink…and orange. All colors in my stash, but orange – really? Still and all – if it makes her happy, and uses up some of the stash I’ve been carrying around forever, why not.

This is what I came up with for that –

   I didn’t use a pattern. To be honest, I’ve never made bags before. It was something to do to use up some of the yarn I’ve got left over from various other projects made through the years. I’ve made a promise to myself to use what I have before purchasing more. I’m trying really hard to keep that promise. Today is going to be a true test to that promise though…I’m going to JoAnn’s Fabric Store with a friend this afternoon. My only saving grace may be the simple fact that they also sell fabric and notions. I’m seriously pining for some new notions!!


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