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Winter Challenge from Alicia Rose October 16, 2009

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Browsing around, I came across a Winter challenge – and decided to accept.  Click the link for the details – I am really excited about  it. Not only will it use up some of the bits and pieces I’m looking to put to good use, but her choosing the Weeping Willow for inspiration gives the project a bit of a nostalgic feeling for me. We used to have this huge weeping willow at my Father’s house that I used to climb up into to read, write, and just dream the days away when I was a young girl.

Stopped mid post – lost my train of thought – which is much better than losing my train of motion for the day. Before getting into the challenge, I had to harvest the last of the radishes from the garden –

Chop a few leeks Dear Heart harvested yesterday

Turn said leeks, radish greens, and potatoes (which we did not grow in our garden…maybe next year) into soup and bake some bread. After eating our late lunch, I blanched and froze the remaining  greens to use at a (probably way to near) future time.  I’m seriously considering trying to grow radishes in the kitchen window for the winter.I’m not too sure the flavor would be the same using market greens.

Then I was able to sit down and work on this –

I have competed the 4 side panels with the variegated yarn. I have just enough of that left to stitch them together, and I’ll have to come up with another color for the top. The tree isn’t stitched to the panel yet. I’m not too sure how I’m feeling about it. I am also still trying to figure out what to do about adding leaves. I could attempt to embroider them on. Or maybe crochet them with a lighter weight yarn/thread. That’s going to be for another day though – or later today, as it’s after midnight here now. If I’ve learned nothing else, it’s not to play with yarn when sleepy – other wise I wake wondering WTH I was thinking. As it stands, I’m not too sure that won’t be my thought when I see the one picture I’ve already posted. Then I would delete it, and no one would know what I’m talking about….

Then you’d know how I feel, haha. Good night.



One Response to “Winter Challenge from Alicia Rose”

  1. theknittingstudio Says:

    well done for getting so much done so quickly!

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