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Early to bed, Early to rise – but this is a bit much… October 17, 2009

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Not only do I only sleep an average of 4-6 hours a night, but I’m one of  those people who if woken after an hour or two – that’s it – I’m awake. Last night, we got to bed early – asleep before midnight for sure – and here I sit at 2am. wide awake. No, I’m not complaining really, there is an upside. Becoming Jane is on, every one is asleep  even the dog  and I get to watch it – in peace!!

It also gives me some time to work on the tissue box for the Winter Challenge I am participating in. The box itself is completed and assembled. It’s the willow itself that is proving to be…well, a bit of a challenge. Mostly, I think, because it has such a Spring time feel to it, and considering the cold weather we’ve been having here – that’s an image I’m finding difficulty keeping in my mind’s eye. Especially after a  day of working outside in that cold weather – putting the garden to bed, readying it for next year.

 This is it for now, the next picture will be of it completed.


One Response to “Early to bed, Early to rise – but this is a bit much…”

  1. rosieroyalty Says:

    Luv the colors you chose! I wish I could crochet better… All your creations are very lovely.

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