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Kickin’ Stash October 28, 2009

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I’m trying to work through my stash of yarn. I’ve collected it through the years, much of it was purchased from thrift shops and yard sales. I have found that’s the best way to experiment with new yarns. This stash has served me for several years, it has survived a flood, a fire, and countless moves – I can’t just “get rid” of it, but I was at a bit of a loss as to what to do with it so… I started brainstorming. Searching the internet looking for smaller projects that could be useful, and fun to make.

First I made – I wanted to make them longer, but there just was not enough of this yarn. The good news is – not only does DD – my model for the photo – actually like them, I used the last of that yarn.

Next was –  I really needed some pot holders. Plus, it’s a good way to play with stitch combinations.

I have another pair of wrist warmers in progress right now, plus I made the two bags pictured in my first post, and there are a few other things that have caught my eye searching online as well. Here are a few –

Here’s a Jack Skellington pattern from April Draven – this young woman has some serious talent, and is extremely generous in sharing her talent with the rest of us. I am SO making this for DD for Christmas 🙂 (Shh, don’t tell her!!)

I’m also going to try my hand at this crochet flower hot pad – it just looks interesting to me. I wonder if DD would like a couple for her Hope Chest?

And over at Susan Stitches, there is a crochet head band/hair wrap I really see me making quite a few of.

Last, but not least – this Ice Princess necklace is a must have for a fun winter wardrobe!

For now, my mantra is –  If there’s only a little  bit,* try a little something new. If it’s a lot of little bits, repeat from * until complete.


3 Responses to “Kickin’ Stash”

  1. Patrice Says:

    You know I have YET to make dish towels. Lol yours are cute. I like the wristwarmers too.

    Thanks for stopping by earlier 🙂

  2. I love those pot holders! i wanted to do some myself but i’m not so sure my yarn is thick enough for this kind of project. what yarn type did you use for them?
    i entered arden’s blog and i found so many patterns! thanks!

    • knottywitch Says:

      If your yarn is really thin/light weight, you can crochet a front and back for the pot holders and stitch them together for added thickness. Also, you can cut a scrap of fabric (old towel, denim square…) to sew in between.

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