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Next Up – Christmas! November 28, 2009

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Thanksgiving is over, I’m making stock as I write this – soup for dinner tonight – it’s a very blustery day here! There is a lot going on this week for us – for one – I have to prepare for a bus trip to Paris Island, SC with my sister. As I mentioned in my previous post – my older nephew is graduating from Boot Camp, and we’re going down for the ceremony and to bring him home. {{So happy}} We leave on Tuesday morning, and we will return home on Sunday.

This trip is going to take a lot of planning though. We’re talking about 24+ hr bus rides here. We not only do not  have the budget for, we don’t have the stomachs for eating over-priced greasy food offered at the bus stations where we are to meet our connecting busses along the way. Especially my sister, who has had her gallbladder removed.Those of you who have had this procedure done will understand , I am sure. So, I will be packing food for us to bring for the ride there, and we’ll stop at a market to re-stock for the ride home.

Aside from that – I’m looking for travel friendly crochet projects to bring along to work on. I started a pillow that is going to have a snowflake attached to the front – the pillow itself is definitely going to be a bus-ride worthy project. Small, no complex pattern repeats, nor complex stitches to worry about keeping concise – it’s straight sc all the way.

Of course, we also have to pack our clothes – the blue outfits we have to wear for the graduation ceremony itself will be in our carry on – No way are we chancing having it lost along the way. Anything else, while it would be inconvenient, we could improvise if there is a need.

It’s been a while since I’ve been on a trip of any kind. The first trip with just my sister. It’s going to be wonderful!



Goin’ to get me a Marine!

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Well, when he left 3 months ago – he was “just” my older nephew. When Sis and I embark on our 24+ bus ride to Paris Island this Tuesday, he’ll be on his way to being a Private First Class Marine – a rank he earned before he went to boot camp. He’ll be home for a Month – most importantly- he will be home for his 18th birthday, and the rest of this holiday season – even New Years – before he heads off to Camp Lejeune for more training.

He’s the one in the middle. We’re so proud of him, and have missed him so much. I am SO psyched about the trip with my sister. She’s a little stressed (anxiety issues) – fortunately she works retail, so a 5 day relief from that and all it entails will be as great a motivator as bringing her baby home 🙂


Ice Princess Necklace – Finished November 25, 2009

I really must confess, I am liking these posts that end with “Finished”, I’m liking it a lot 🙂 The Ice Princess Necklace is complete. It didn’t take long either! Once again, I am sorry about the crappy picture. The necklace wouldn’t even fit around the lamp shade – and it’s too small for me or my DD to model…it’s for my sister for Christmas – and it fits her. I know, because she tried it on for the button placement for the closure. Now, I have to make one for DD – but she wants a skull or something like that, not a snowflake.

I’m really amazed, and grateful beyond words to all the people who share their designing talents so freely with us. To be able to make such nice things for my family and friends as gifts for what ever occasion it may be for – or for no occasion at all is a gift given to me by strangers who have no idea what it means to me. To know, I can give something that someone will be able to love and would actually want to use is a such a beautiful thing, I can’t properly express it.

To those of you who I am speaking to and of – I can only say Thank You. 

 Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be able to give so freely and happily to those I love, and even to those I may never meet (through charities) items that will bring  a smile, some joy, or some comfort and warmth this holiday season and beyond. I truly hope you shall receive the same abundance in blessings as you have shared.


Vine on a Fence – finished November 24, 2009

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 I completed the Vine on a Fence Scarf from Nathalie over at  Gnats On the Windshield. For something so pretty, it was so easy to make. Plus, I used up more of my stash. The pictures I have really do not do it justice at all.


‘Tis the season, I guess November 22, 2009

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Well, we’re off to our Aunts tomorrow for an early Thanksgiving Dinner. We haven’t seen, or spoken to any one on “that side” of the family (aside from our own Father), since our Grandfather passed away…2+ years ago . But, my Aunt called, we actually spoke for quite a while…She even made reference to, and apologized for the “big event” that caused the great divide. Truth be told, I don’t know what the hell she’s talking about. There have been so many “events” through the years, we’ve sort of learned to take it as par for the course. Normally, the only time we respond to the summons to gather ’round the table for a family affair is if our Father is up from Florida. That hasn’t happened, well in a little over 2 years, when our Grandfather passed away… 

                                                          I am nervous. My only comfort is knowing she is too.

                                                                             Sadistic, I know. It is what it is.

  If nothing else, I believe she is sincere about wanting to be a whole as a family. Of course, that’s not something to be decided just between the two of us. Sure, she can host dinners, and I can strong arm , ahem – use my powers of persuasion, to get my siblings to attend (if said hosted dinners continue to be few and far between, for sure)…But, would that make us whole as a family?

Honestly, while yes – I could tell you of some really bizarre and horrific incidents that have transpired through the years (relax, I’m not 😉 )… that’s just not what I think of. We’ve tipped the scales at both ends, and the other end is what we’ve used as a compass in our lives.

                                            Now if I can keep that in mind through dinner, we’ll be well on our way.

 I do realize that because rift has gotten to be so vast between us all – it’s going to take some real work to get things back together again. It just does not come naturally for us to just pick up the phone and say “Hey, what’s up?” So I think for a while, I’m going to have to pencil it into my “to do” list over the weekends. Just to make it a point to contact somebody in the family, aside from those of us here in our rather comfy cozy world over here…I’ll even make it a point to invite my one Aunt at least to our Football Sunday gatherings – I mentioned it on the phone that we do this, and she actually said she’d like to join us one day. She reached out, the least I can do is make it a point to reach back.

                                         Time will tell if this is the beginning of the mending, or just a nostalgic induced attempt.

                                                                          Either way, I guess it’s a start of sorts.

                                                      (at least I know she can cook – it’s going to be a great meal.)


~Hat for Shane~

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This is my nephew, modeling yet another of my holiday gifts. This hat is for my oldest son. He had one similar some years ago, without the band at the bottom, and it had been worked up in a double stitch – so I doubt it was quite as warm as this one is. It was also his very favorite hat. This is his first holiday season home in three years, and I want it to be memorable. I’m thinking that this will be very special to him because not only is it very similar to the one he had when he was younger – it’s actually made with the remainder of the yarn I made the first one with. Hmmm, I guess there was enough of it to make another hat after all.

Either way, it’s one less ball of yarn in the stash – two actually, I had just enough of that black left for the band at the bottom. Plus it’s another gift to wrap and hold under the tree. I’m one happy Momma right now.


Christmas from Scraps November 19, 2009

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I’ve got the slippers all wrapped up. They did eat up a lot of my stash – but there’s still some gifts I can pull out of it.

This vine on a fence scarf, shared for free at Gnats On The Windshield is definitely on the list. 

I’m also going to make some holiday pot-holders. There are more here.

The boys are finally going to get Nunchucks, like they’re always begging for – being the “Ninja’s” they are – crochet ones are perfect 😉

Of course, there are the usual suspects – so to speak – scarves, hats, and mittens. Plus some fingerless gloves/wrist warmers. Head bands, hair accessories, necklaces, purses, remote holders, coasters, place mats, pillows, and such.

 Any other ideas?