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I’m sick, and miserable, and whiny November 1, 2009

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and I just don’t wanna play right now. My head hurts, behind the eyes. The pain receeds every so often, but is always there – mocking me. Waiting for me to beleive it’s going to pass this time…but no, it’s not. It’s waiting for me to enter out into the land of the living, only to be blinded by noise and light, to be sent scurrying into the depths of comforters on my bed.
I want nothing other than to be left alone.

I’m a little hurt that I’m all alone here.

– at this point, I should tell you –

my husband is really a very patient and understanding man.

It wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the pain behind the eyes. I could be perfectly content snuggling down with my yarn and hook stitching away to my hearts content. But, not only can I not think of anything I wanna do (by- product of the miserable symptom?). I can’t stand the thought of trying to follow a pattern on the computer. I’m not sure I could follow the threads flowing through my hands.

I am turning this thing off. Turning the light off, and going back to bed with my miserable self. May be if I stop thinking in that whiny tone, I can get some respite and go to sleep. Which I don’t want to do, because I’d rather be crocheting…or sewing, or baking, or sitting out by the fire in the back yard, or …. ‘g-night.


One Response to “I’m sick, and miserable, and whiny”

  1. it seems like you’re having a migraine?
    i hope you’re better today!

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