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Today was a good day :) November 18, 2009

Filed under: Crochet,Random Ramblings — knottywitch @ 2:37 am

First, I went to the mall – by myself. A very rare occurence for me. I went and picked up some kitchen items we’ve been needing, a ladle and pastry cutter specifically. Nothing fancy, the Dollar Store had all I needed in that area. Then, I went to TJ Maxx where I bought myself a pair of gloves – for cleaning. They’re so cute, I bought a yellow pair for my sister and purple for my daughter…hey, I can dream 😉


I also picked up a book for DD. The book is hers, though after she’s done reading it will make the tour of the house, then my sisters. Hubby is the only one who isn’t reading the series, lol.

Then, I came home and finished the seventh and final pair of slippers to give as gifts for the guys in the family-    


3 Responses to “Today was a good day :)”

  1. David M. Says:

    Those slippers look really cozy! Great job on the color choices too 🙂

    – David

  2. rosieroyalty Says:

    So many slippers! They look so comfy. I want a pair! Nice array of colors 🙂

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