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We have a new addition… November 18, 2009

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So, Hubby went to help out a friend around his house today. When he came home, he brought a new addition to our family. See, this particular friend lost his wife this past summer. His wife had a dog. He hates the dog. He travels for work, and now there is no one to care for the dog when he’s on the road. Paying to put the dog he hates into a kennel so he can work, to constantly remind him he has to because his wife is gone just isn’t something he wants to do.

So now, we have the dog. His name is Baxter. He’s 4 years old and is an American Eskimo Husky or something like that. We’re getting his papers and vet records tomorrow…it was an impromptu sort of thing for us. We originally declined to take the dog – really we thought he’d change his mind. Of course, he still might. We shall see.


One Response to “We have a new addition…”

  1. Baxter is so cute! You are so lucky to have pets around! How can he hate such a dog?

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