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Vine on a Fence – finished November 24, 2009

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 I completed the Vine on a Fence Scarf from Nathalie over at  Gnats On the Windshield. For something so pretty, it was so easy to make. Plus, I used up more of my stash. The pictures I have really do not do it justice at all.


4 Responses to “Vine on a Fence – finished”

  1. youngwifey Says:

    How fun! Look great

  2. mildawg Says:

    It looks like a great pattern!

  3. Fogleman Forerunner Says:

    I really like that! I’ll have to study on it & see if I can make one for dd#1, she’d love it!

    • knottywitch Says:

      I can not tell you how fun this pattern really is. It adapts itself well to various weights and textures of yarn. I think my next one is going to be a chunkier yarn for the “fence”, with a silkier vine, and various textures of flowers attatched here and there. I really *love* this pattern!

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