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Next Up – Christmas! November 28, 2009

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Thanksgiving is over, I’m making stock as I write this – soup for dinner tonight – it’s a very blustery day here! There is a lot going on this week for us – for one – I have to prepare for a bus trip to Paris Island, SC with my sister. As I mentioned in my previous post – my older nephew is graduating from Boot Camp, and we’re going down for the ceremony and to bring him home. {{So happy}} We leave on Tuesday morning, and we will return home on Sunday.

This trip is going to take a lot of planning though. We’re talking about 24+ hr bus rides here. We not only do not  have the budget for, we don’t have the stomachs for eating over-priced greasy food offered at the bus stations where we are to meet our connecting busses along the way. Especially my sister, who has had her gallbladder removed.Those of you who have had this procedure done will understand , I am sure. So, I will be packing food for us to bring for the ride there, and we’ll stop at a market to re-stock for the ride home.

Aside from that – I’m looking for travel friendly crochet projects to bring along to work on. I started a pillow that is going to have a snowflake attached to the front – the pillow itself is definitely going to be a bus-ride worthy project. Small, no complex pattern repeats, nor complex stitches to worry about keeping concise – it’s straight sc all the way.

Of course, we also have to pack our clothes – the blue outfits we have to wear for the graduation ceremony itself will be in our carry on – No way are we chancing having it lost along the way. Anything else, while it would be inconvenient, we could improvise if there is a need.

It’s been a while since I’ve been on a trip of any kind. The first trip with just my sister. It’s going to be wonderful!



3 Responses to “Next Up – Christmas!”

  1. youngwifey Says:

    I hope your stock turned out well. I was going to let mine simmer overnight and someone turned it off and moved it off to the stove, I didn’t find it until this morning. Have a safe trip and enjoy.

  2. mildawg Says:

    I’m glad you’re looking forward to the trip. Have fun!

  3. Alex Says:

    Hi, I’m a total stranger. I just saw your response do the “Do you own a car?” poll, clicked, read, and was interested in what I read. I read about how you are interested in recycled crafts and I wonder if anyone has every shown you how to crochet plastic bags together. I cannot crochet, but I have been to independent craft stores where they had for sale items crocheted out of plastic bags. You can really make anything out of them, but what was for sale was purses. I thought you would really enjoy that and also, enjoy your trip! Alex

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