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Family Day @ Parris Island December 4, 2009

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Ok, we’re here – and it’s been wonderful thus far. We were up bright and early – minus the bright, since the moon was still out, and the sun had yet to make its appearance…

We lined up to watch the motivational run. By the time I spotted him and pointed him out to my sister – all she saw was his back. I’m not sure she even believed it was him. He had lost 50 lbs. We walked to the next area they were to pass and kept an eye out on the group I had seen him in. She saw him, he saw her and his face just beamed. That in itself was worth the trip.

After he was released for his liberty for the day, we had lunch, spent some time wandering around seeing where he’s spent his time for the past 13 weeks. He stayed here

It was the new barracks when our Father was in the Marines – now it’s the last to be replaced with the new new barracks. It’s really kind of cool he had a similar experience (at least for sleeping quarters) as his Poppa 🙂

His liberty was up by 3pm. Tomorrow starts his month home ;10 days liberty, then he’s working through a local office for a couple of weeks before leaving again for more training.

It was a wonderful day.


3 Responses to “Family Day @ Parris Island”

  1. youngwifey Says:

    Glad you enjoyed your trip. Welcome back!

  2. mildawg Says:

    I really like the first photo.

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