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Lunar Obsession December 6, 2009

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Something about Spanish Moss and the Moon that creates a feeling of magic and awe…


4 Responses to “Lunar Obsession”

  1. Alex Says:

    Love the photos! But also wanted to say thanks for the comment and, also, that I was kind of embarrassed because that’s not the kind of the stuff I usually post. I usually don’t post things that are too terribly personal, or in that format, and I realized with horror that that was the last thing I posted and if you looked at my blog that’s what you would see first. So, my thanks to you! I have a bad habit of starting drafts for posts without publishing them. I’ve written three posts after the one you commented on … I just haven’t finished or published them yet. Have a good time on your holiday trip! Alex

  2. Alex Says:

    P.S. Is that the highest resolution of those photos you have? They could make some pretty cool desktop backgrounds, I think.

  3. mildawg Says:

    I love the moon. Period. No matter what shape, as long as I can at least partially see it (oooh.. in fog!), I’m good.

  4. youngwifey Says:

    Looks like we’re on the same wave length, I’ve been trying to take pictures of the moon a lot recently too.

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