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I’m still here…sort of. December 22, 2009

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Things are kind of crazy here right now…much like your own homes I am sure – ’tis the season and all that 😉  I’ve still been crocheting – but I’m not posting pictures of the projects until after Christmas. I’m wanting to leave something a surprise. That’s not as easy as one might think – especially  for hand-made items. My daughter went to spend a couple of nights at a friends – so I quickly started an item for her, and in she walks, unannounced. Since she’s the only girl in the family, it’s hard to convince her the purple item isn’t for her…

We’ve adopted a neighbor of ours who has mental health issues. Her family has nothing to do with her (she spent Thanksgiving here with a couple of her friends because she wasn’t invited to her “family” dinner – because it’s just for “real” family) – she was adopted. Breaks my heart really. Her Birthday is tomorrow, though we’ve already given her the gift from us (a pink Christmas Tree – and it IS pink) and all that goes with it. We also have a digital picture frame (also pink) we’re giving to her with a picture of her and her 2 friends who were here for Thanksgiving, and pictures we took while decorating her tree.

She belongs to an independent living program, and I’m only almost as impressed with them as I am with her parents. She has been complaining about her heat, oven and furnace since October – here it is December, what ever was going finally totally went. End result, her gas line was clogged and leaking, plus there are 6 pilots for her home and only 2 were functioning. She had to vacate the apt. while repairs were made. She called her “Mom” but got no response, and the program was going to place her into a group home until her apt. could be deemed safe again. Well, that didn’t happen either – she came and stayed with us. She’s home again, though here every day after she’s done with her sessions at the program site. She has a bad hip, and has already had surgery. Now that she’s healed up, we’ve got her working with the wii fit with us. I swear, if I had the money, I’d buy her a system of her own with it! She does some of the simpler yoga moves, and the balance games. She also loves the hula hoop and soccer calorie burner games – yesterday, we had to make her stop after logging in over 40 minutes! But, she’s lost 3.5 lbs so far, and is so excited. I’m just happy to see her moving a little better. It’s hard with winters here, even walking becomes a dangerous adventure for her  just to get to the bus stop or our house on a daily basis let alone any extra  for the purpose of exercise.

That’s about it for me for now. The house is empty and I really must get the sewing machine dragged out while I can…


2 Responses to “I’m still here…sort of.”

  1. mildawg Says:

    The story about your neighbor touched my heart. Thank you for doing that!
    I cannot wait to see what you made for Christmas. Happy Holidays!

  2. youngwifey Says:

    I’ve been wondering where you’ve been. It’s always a wonderful thing to open up your home and family to others.

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