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So, we’re just relaxing December 31, 2009

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watching a movie, hubby on the couch, me in my chair working on our afghan and there’s a knock at the door – it’s 11pm – hubby and I look at each other, then the door and in unison holler “Back door!”, you see, we close off the front door during the winter (hang a curtain over) because there isn’t enough room for all the boots and coats in our “entry way”, it creates a huge mess, and the LR is so boxy it just blasts it with cold and ends up staying that way every time the door is opened.

Well, the response we get from the other side is “It’s the police” So again, in unison we holler “The who?!”

Hubby gets up and opens the door, invites the officer in as he’s explaining he’s here about our child (that’s what I heard).

I start to mumble “Oh yeah, you need back up then (as I climb from beneath my project out of the chair) ’cause I’m fixin’ to go get her”

He steps into the house and says “Yes, I’m here to check the welfare and wellbeing of a 2-year-old.” I stop dead in my tracks, and explain – “Oh, you’ve got the wrong house then, we don’t have babies here any more”

He continues on with “J from Brooklyn…” the look of realization hits Dh and I together, “Oh, ok – now we know what you’re talking about!”

You see, a friend of the family has had his 2-year-old son for an extended visit (since Sept. so far), but he lost his phone before Christmas – and so Mom hasn’t been able to talk to the little guy, and Dad hasn’t gotten in touch with any one to get the number to call her either.

                                    Brilliant, not.

 Now we’re all on the same page, and get the officer in touch with the Dad in question, give him the number and all is well  (and quiet) once again.

The officer appologized, adding “Oh wow, you guys really have nothing to do with this, you’re just sitting here chillin’.” What can we say, I don’t blame her – I’d be calling the police too.

Actually, the Dad would have been, ’cause I’d have… well, you understand. Who in their right mind keeps a Momma from getting in touch with her baby like that!

               Hopefully, that’s the last of the excitement for us for 2009.

For a minute, I thought he was coming to tell us brown and green were illegal now and try to take my afghan away – he was going to need back up for that too, I’m not even finished with it yet! Yeah, we’re living a wild life here, lol.


One Response to “So, we’re just relaxing”

  1. mildawg Says:

    Ahha, don’t you love the adrenaline rush after you realize everything’s going to be ok?

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