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Plans for this week… February 8, 2010

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This week, we have to buy 2 floor jacks/lifts to replace the support beams in the basement. When it flooded the guys tore down the wall that partitions the rooms down there because the paneling used was just so saturated with water it wasn’t worth risking leaving it there. We had the stuff to use that’s supposed to inhibit mold and such, but we were concerned about what would grow between the panels. That was wise, since the walls were evidently built around some garbage who ever did the job didn’t feel like discarding, scraps of wood, some copper pipes, an old metal lunch box, among a few other things. When they pulled the panels down, they noticed the support beams were deteriorated even more than we had suspected. So, that is a priority.

With Valentine’s Day being this Sunday – we have a special dinner to plan here. I can’t believe I haven’t decorated for it yet – I’m really off my game this year. There will be more on that  during the week. Yes, we’re sappy about it 😉

Today, I have to go back to the Dr.’s to see the orthopedic specialist and learn the results of my X-rays. While I am going, I just feel the need to say for the record – I don’t wanna go. To make myself feel better about it, I’m leaving early to stop at the library for a while and see if I can get some new recipe ideas to add to our menu for the week. Particularly for Sunday.

When I return home, my son and I will be sorting through his back pack and getting that organized. We still have much to do to fit everything from his room at his Dad’s into his room here. Of course, once the dust settles – half of it will be going back again. We’ve always each kept things for him at our own homes for visits. Right now, thier feelings are hurt, tensions are running a bit high, and I’m just trying to keep focused forward. I really have to call and speak to his Aunt, I don’t want to. Personally, I’ve got nothing to say. We don’t have to be friends (or even friendly) for her to be his Aunt though.

                                                    Damn, I hate having to be the level headed one, it’s really not my thing – really.


We’re having a spiral ham for dinner. Tomorrow  I will make the ham, broccoli, and cheese garbage bread. I’m trying to think of a way to make a heart shaped mold to bake them in. That could be cute…it could also work for bread bowls – that is, if I can get it to work at all. More on that later.

Time for me to get off my duff here if I’m going to get anything done at all. I guess I’ll start with that phone call. Wish me luck.


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