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Wow-it’s been a LONG time!! June 21, 2010

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Well, I had gone back to work – and at first, I was coming home SO tired – I just didn’t have the energy to do anything. Even lift my fingers to sign on to the computer. Then, the charger broke – and it took forever for us to replace it. Funny thing is, it didn’t feel like forever-until I signed on again. Oops. Sorry about that!

Time just passed so smoothly with the warmer weather – even with the late frosts, and bursts of unseasonably cold weather. Hubby cleared a root from our front yard – leaving more room for the strawberries to take over, which they seem determined to do 🙂 We worried over the effect the late frosts would have on our first harvest – though it looks like ours came through strong and healthy. I’ll be trying my hand at strawberry jam today.

We’ve had our neighbors kids in on the Spring activities around our little home. It’s fun working with little hands.

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DD and her BF were both baptised, she turned 18yo, her BF had a birthday celebration as well. For her – she had the first cook – out of the year for her party. Being a March Baby – whenever the weather even only almost makes it accommodating – it’s what she prefers. Funny, how many 18yo’s want to celebrate it with roasting hotdogs over the open fire, lol! For her Beaus celebration – we had pizza and sent them to Rock-n-Bowl. We thought it might be awkward for him if we threw him a party. In hind sight, the cost was about the same as DD’s party with much less prep and mess. Damn, we dropped the ball on that one! It’s filed away for the future though, my youngest will be 16yo next month…and now we know!

I’ve had some minor medical issues to contend with. Nothing dramatic or life threatening/changing. Well, maybe changing – in fact “the” change even though I’ll just be 41 this Sept. Hmmm…if that’s what it boils down to, I’d just assume ride it out and let “it” go. They had me on some hormone pill for 10 days to shock my system into acting right. That not only did not work, it really didn’t work for me. I’m hormonal enough by myself – thank you very much.

I love my job – I’m working in the Health & Beauty dept. of the Christmas Tree Shop. seriously, I love it there. What’s even better, is I’ve lost 15 lbs. since I’ve started there! That’s a nice bonus 😉  Hubby started working shortly after – for a company he’s tried to get on with since he’s entered his current field of asbestos abatement. This company works year round – no lay off’s, no “season” to work and then you’re done. It’s funny, after one job fell through after another, he was going through his list of calls per norm. Instead of getting this guy’s voicemail – again – because he’s always on a site, at a meeting, or out-of-town his call was answered by the gentleman himself. He recognised DH’s voice from the many messages he’s left and said to him “My, you are a persistent bastard. Come in at 7am tomorrow for an interview.”  He’s been off and running ever since!

Well, it’s 6am, and I’ve got to get my kitchen ready and the jars sterilized for my jam session 😉 It may also help if I go pick the berries. This is going to be some fresh strawberry jam for real!