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Still Crocheting…sort of December 21, 2010

Filed under: Crochet — knottywitch @ 12:04 pm

 I made this scarf for the daughter of my friend and neighbor. She loves scarves, and already has quite the collection.

There are a few adaptions I’d like to make to the scarf. Which is good, because I never wrote down the pattern as I made the flake motif, and have forgotten how I did it. Basicly, you can take any flake motif that isn’t too lacy and attatch them in a line to make a scarf.

I have also discovered a pattern for gloves that I’ve been playing with. You can find it here at Happy Hookin in Bodines. I’ve made the gloves using the exact pattern twice. They are a bit large in the palm – to which my youngest has decided is great for when wanting to use the palm warmer packets on really cold days. I’m playing around with the pattern now, and so far have made the cuff longer (By starting with a chain of 80, and sl st. the first and last 15 instead of 10) and have taken it down in size a bit by using a sl st. straight through the middle two rows that make the fingers; row 2&3, 7&8, and so on. I sl st. from cuff to cuff, alternating wtih continuing on with the pattern for rows 4&5, and 9&10 to make a more fitted glove. Which I am still playing with. I’ll post pictures later, as the boys have already left for school with them on. I like the changes, but of course have a few more in mind.

I am just so excited to have found a pattern for gloves that is so simple.


One Response to “Still Crocheting…sort of”

  1. Young Wifey Says:

    Very cute and wintery!

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