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It’s still not too late… December 24, 2010

Filed under: Crochet — knottywitch @ 1:06 pm

To stitch up a sweet little something to give as a gift! Here it is Christmas Eve, I know we all have tons left to do – at least us procrastinators, and those of us waiting for that last pay check to complete the finishing touches – I know, I know! Yet, here I sit – trying to quickly put this out there for you – there is time to make at least one more gift. Specifically this sweet little hat called Olivia’s Butterfly. It’s a free pattern, and it works up very quickly with a small amount of yarn. I even made one using Red Hearts Plush yarn, and my 18yo daughter loves it! I made one in purple for the daughter of my friend and neighbor – (the same one the snowflake scarf was for) – that one I stitched up while DH was in the shower before bed – seriously, this hat takes no time to make. Grab a ball of yarn and bring it with you while you’re standing in line with your last minute shopping, take it to the kitchen with you while you’re grabbing cookies out of the oven every 8-10 minutes, you can get a couple few whipped out in that time alone!

Good luck, and enjoy – I’m off. I’ve got more shopping, and baking to do, plus my Mother is coming today – I’m whipping one of these up for her too – bet it’s done before she gets here! Haha, I love it!


One Response to “It’s still not too late…”

  1. Thank you for your encouragement on my blog. I have saved that pattern (the butterfly hat) and I shall make it my very first project!!


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