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I am *so* laughing at myself! January 13, 2011

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My S.S. and Me 😉

There are not many pictures of my S.S and I together in adulthood. This is strange, because we’re together so much. Of course, I’m usually on the other end of the camera, and she’s doing her best to steer clear of it all together…The last picture of just her and I is from when Hubby and I were bringing her to the hospital – not one either of us wants floating around the ‘net. Trust me, I’ve seen it!

This year, we’ve promised each other to work on changing that. Starting with New Year’s Eve, we did. This is us at the gathering we had with our neighbor and friend.

Momma & her Honey

Here’s the funny part. Remember my “User error” issue I was having with my camera? Well, because of that, we dug out my old camera for the pictures. I slid in a card, but couldn’t transfer the pictures to the card – which is how I upload them to the computer. Then, I couldn’t find the camera. I found the wire to transfer the photos from the internal memory – but no camera. I wasn’t sure if it was left next door, and always forget to ask Hubby if he put it some where when we talk on the phone. Well, today – while putting away some of his paperwork – I found it in a drawer. WooHoo – now I have to find the cord – again. First, let me see if I can get the pictures to transfer to the card. No go. Open it up, and look at the card – it’s not the S.D card – it is the holder type card that is supposed to be in the slot in my computer when not in use to keep dust and junk from that port. Major DUH. No wonder the pictures wouldn’t transfer!

                                                      Oh well, all better now.

All together now!


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  1. rhymit61 Says:

    Thank you for your tips on finding yarn on a restricted budget. Thanks for your encouragement. I enjoyed reading your posts too.Your pictures are really nice.

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