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4 More Sleeps January 17, 2011

Filed under: Random Ramblings — knottywitch @ 10:25 am

That’s how Hubby and I count the time until he’s home again. He left for another week working out-of-town this morning. He’s been gone for almost an hour, and I already miss him.

Next week, he starts a new job – one where he will be working locally. For another 3 months, any way. After that, he’ll be back on the road, in Buffalo or NJ. Buffalo would be nice, most of his family lives there.

While he’s on the road this week, I’d like to get things in better order so I can actually enjoy the time he’s home again. We changed rooms around a bit over the weekend –  the kids traded spaces, and , well the kids did it themselves. There’s a little tweaking (cleaning,organizing) left to be done…

I’d better get moving though, only 4 more sleeps to go!


One Response to “4 More Sleeps”

  1. Tammy Lyons Says:

    miss you and love you too

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