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I am a bad, bad blogger. March 18, 2011

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I know this, and I am sorry.¬† For what it’s worth, I have been healing and not feeling like doing much more than whine about it – and being I have no desire to now or later revisit my whine fest I avoided blogging at all.

As of last Thursday, I have been released for “light” exercises from my Doctor. I am permitted to lift 1-2 pound weights – of course the lightest one we have here is a 10lb one. Oh well. That’s what canned goods are for. That and walking. Lots and lots of walking. For hours per day in fact. He said walking is good exercise for the back. Unless you have a very weak (which I seem to now have for the moment), you probably do not even realize the muscles in your back that are being used in walking. I do. It’s something I’ll never take for granted again – in my life!

I have however had time to drool over my garden catalogs, and even placed an order. We’re getting a cherry tree, and two black berry – what, vines, bushes? What ever. Two of those. Mostly because we used to have wild raspberries growing at a cabin we rented in the country – the one with a brook right behind the house – the one we where we got flooded, still I miss that place <sigh> So, being true to form – I shall take what I miss from there, and bring it here – ¬†While they grew wild – I had decided to train a few onto an arbor. The ones on the arbor ripened more quickly, grew larger, and were much easier to harvest. Plus, since they were on a hill – it saved them from being accidently mowed over…again. Not that it would happen here – since we have an all garden-no lawn theme going on:)