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about me October 27, 2009

 I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend,neighbor.  I actively sew, crochet, garden, cook & bake from scratch, read, learn, expand my horizons in any and every way I can. I dream of a house lined with books filled with home-made items that speak of the love, hopes, and dreams that reside there.

I am frugal by nature – having been raised by a single mother, and having spent several years as a single parent myself. My FIL teases me saying “Girl, I was raised to squeeze a quarter ’till the eagle screams, but I’ll be damned if you don’t squeeze ’till it stops!”  While said in jest, that’s high praise coming from him 😉

The first jelly I ever made was Dandelion Jelly – because we had a yard full of blossoms, and I didn’t want to spend  $20.00 + on fruits to find I couldn’t do it, or that I hated it and would never do it again…Well, I did enjoy it, and I didn’t ruin it – and the Dandelion Jelly is now a family favorite.

My first quilting project was a 9-patch pillow made from discarded denim, followed by a quilt made with the same design, and materials.  I’m currently cutting through a stack of denim that is too far gone to even be donated to repeat the process. Maybe, a different pattern this time. I’m also planning on making pot holders with some, for gifts this holiday season. The plan is to embroider designs on them to personalize them for the recipients.

Crafts from recycled items are my favorite. There is just something very satisfying about taking something that no could use or want and turning it into something new, that can be used and wanted. Not to mention the fact, it really offsets the budget for a crafting family like mine.

Right now, I am working through my stash of yarn and fabric. I’ve made a promise to myself not to purchase any more until I have used up what I have. This in itself is proving to be quite a creative challange, and I am enjoying it to the fullest.


12 Responses to “about me”

  1. Mary Says:

    KnottyWitch, I just found your blog from your link on Frugal Living. I really loved reading your crafting and cooking stories. I’ve bookmarked it and I can tell it will be a favorite!

    I also have quite a stash os supplies. I made a deal with myself not to shop at the fabric stores till I get some of this used up. The obvious exceptions are for current projects such as the flower girl dress I am making for my son’s wedding in April. Didn’t want to put a little princess in a dress made from old sheets! However, I use old garments and stash fabrics for my quilts and other things.

    I quilt, make dolls, crochet, and make clothing for myself and our daughter. Old jeans get turned into comforters at my house and I have given many of these as gifts. I think they would be great for placements and potholders, hotpads for the table, purses, etc. Our daughter sometimes asks for denim comforters to give as a gift, as well. Like you, I get a big kick out of making something usable from old stuff. When I was a young mom, when I made a baby quilt for a friend’s new baby, I would try to make a small comforter out of denim for the older siblings. That was a hit.

    Thanks for your blog. You will find me at Frugal Living under the name of Kindhearted1.


    • knottywitch Says:

      I think we do as well. I really enjoy your blog. You have a very creative eye. I think I’m borrowing your door decoration idea, but I’m using it *inside* My cat would shred it on the door – yes, she’s *that* obnoxious.

    • knottywitch Says:

      Those are the best projects, I think – made from things on hand. It stretches your creative muscles – that’s for sure! I’d love to see pictures of some of your projects – do you have any online? I actually have the perfect sheet (I’ve been hording it waiting for it to tell me what it wants to be, lol) that could make a lovely flower girl dress. It has a pink scallop edge with lace, and it’s a rose print. I’m thinking of making an apron with it – but I *really* want to use the scalop & lace edge to it’s maximum *wow* factor.

  2. youngwifey Says:

    It looks like we have a lot in common, I look forward to readign more of your blog.

  3. everydaysuperstar Says:

    KnottyWitch, I’ve challenged myself to learn to knit. My grandmother tried to teach me when I was younger. I never seemed to catch on and she eventually gave up trying to teach me. I’m now slightly worried about how this will play out (I’m the kind of person that could easily poke myself in the eye with a needle and trip myself up with yarn all at the same time). More importantly, I don’t have an idea of where or how to start. Any suggestions?

    • knottywitch Says:

      I have to tell you, learning to knit is something I have *really* struggled with myself. I’ve always said I end up looking as if I’m playing swords with myself, and poorly at that :p
      However – I am learning. There are videos here at There are also tutorial videos at I had also bought a learn to knit book, that came in a starter kit of sorts. This time around, it’s really helping – but I think watching videos online has helped put it together. Good luck – I have no doubt you’ll be stitching up a storm in no time 🙂

  4. riotflower Says:

    Nice blog. love the dandelion story and your denim squares sound like my mother’s craft room!

  5. Tammy Lyons Says:

    I miss you come back on facebook

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