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So, DD comes into the kitchen and says – January 14, 2011

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  “I don’t get it, you guys cook so much, but we never eat any leftovers.” That reason is two-fold. First, as I mentioned before, we freeze portions of most meals for Hubby to take on the road for lunches the following week (or weeks) ahead. Second – we eat the left overs alright – we just make new meals from them. That roast we had last Sunday, on Monday it was in the soup for dinner. Ironically enough, it’s what was on the stove when D.D came in and made her query.

The recipe on the back of the bag of lentils called for ham and celery – both of which we did not have. So we diced up the roast, and added carrots instead. I sliced up a small loaf of bread that was getting a little hard, buttered, seasoned, and toasted it on the oven. Voila, we had the perfect winter fare on the table in 30 minutes.


Waste not, want not February 7, 2010

Garbage Bread

I made two huge loaves of Garbage Bread on Friday night. Buy huge – I mean the 4 loaf recipe I use to bake bread made the two loaves stuffed with yummy goodness. The best part (for me, and our budget) is that the yummy goodness consisted of leftover browned ground beef and diced onion that didn’t make it into the pot stickers earlier this week, along with the “lasts” of a few other ingredients from various meals. The last of a bag of broccoli, the mozzarella cheese from the baked ziti, and a bit more of the ricotta – that I purchased more of for other meals aside from the baked ziti such as this one.

 I like making garbage breads for a couple of reasons. For one, when I bake bread in the 4 loaf batches it just dosn’t stretch as far. Everyone loves fresh baked bread. The 4 loaf batch as garbage bread fed 5 grown men, and myself for a dinner, and was lunch the next day for DH and me, as well as 2 teenaged boys and my brother. It’s also a great way to turn leftovers into a new meal. The next step I plan to make is to make them smaller. Oh so much smaller, so that I can freeze them for snacks and quick meals later down the line.
To top it off – I made yet another apple cake.
Apple Cake

Not that I bake multiple cakes per week as a normal thing, but the bag of apples I picked from the market were all bruised. Horribly. Sure, I could have taken them back – but it wasn’t worth the 2 mile walk there and then back again, especially in the cold! Even with that particular markets “Double your money back” guarantee on produce – though I was seriously tempted. If I weren’t so uncomfortable with my back and such – I really might have done it, but alas – it wasn’t meant to be – this time. I’ll be more dilligent from here on out though. In the mean time, there’s one more cake to be baked from the batch of apples. Fortunately, with it being Super Bowl Sunday and all – I doubt there will be any left hanging around tempting me in the slightest. 


Moving on… February 3, 2010

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I’ve got an apple cake in the oven. DD and I are making pot stickers this afternoon, and when we’re done if there’s any ground beef left to work with, I’m going to put together a garbage bread. Either way, I am baking bread today too.  Other than all that – we’re having a left over night for dinner. There’s left over tortelini soup, and baked ziti.

I am going back to the Dr’s office tomorrow. I am, really.

I’ve also joined a website that helps you track your calorie intake, exercise, and nutrition. I just joined yesterday. Typed in everything I ate and drank and received an A for my nutritional value for the day. Here’s the funny part – I didn’t change the way I eat. At all. I even had a dish of baked ziti for dinner. Go figure.

Like the title says though, moving on.

Moving on to looking forward to getting the garden started again. We’ve ordered a cherry tree and a nectarine tree so far. I really wanted to plant apple trees, though we’d only have the space for dwarf trees, and quite honestly – since we live in upstate NY – there’s not much of a point to it. Apples are usually are reasonably priced. At full maturity, dwarf trees only give a half bushel – so we’d end up having to buy more any way. The nectarine tree is going out front and the cherry tree will be planted in the built in box in a corner of the back yard. We’re also going to plant grapes and blueberries this year. Of course, it’s going to be years before we benefit much from all of this – but we’re not planning on going any where for a long while any way 😉

Well, I’m off to the kitchen again. If I sit too long, I’ll be stuck. Which would sound funny – but after this past spell, it’s lost some of the humour I usually view it through.


Soup is on, and the bread is rising December 30, 2009

Ok – we’re having Home-made chicken soup and bread for dinner tonight. That is also one of my resolutions for the New Year – menu planning, and working on my time management skills…or lack there of It’s not that any one here ever skips a meal, but I enjoy baking and there are times when I’ll be cooking the evening meal and think “oh wow, I should have made bread, rolls, or bread sticks to go with this” So yeah, I need to plan it out a bit better. Of course, the fact that I hate my kitchen doesn’t help. But, that’s another story, and part of the renovation dreams 😉

Coincidently, I received my first seed catalog in the mail today. Quiet nod to another thing on my list – plan the gardens in advance. We don’t have a lot of space to work with, so in order for us to make the most of it we really have to learn to garden better with the seasons. Last year, we really over planted – we ended up with collard greens, pumpkins, and cucumbers in the front yard with the strawberries and mint. Now that the strawberries are spreading like wild fire (not to mention the mint), I doubt we’ll get away with that this year too.


While I am not adverse to planting food in the front – I think we’re going to have to till the other ‘side’ of the front yard to add much more this coming season. I’m thinking edible and medicinal herbs. I’ll still keep some in the pot arrangement I had this year, very convient for grilling, which we do a lot of.

I would like to have the entire place landscaped in edibles. We plan to add a few dwarf fruit trees, grapes and blueberries this year. It will be years before we see much from it, I know – but some things really are worth waiting for 🙂

Still working on my jump-start into 2010. Bit by bit – I’m getting there. Off to work on my afghan now while the bread bakes.


Herbed Dumplings November 16, 2009

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Today, for our Sunday Football dinner I made Chicken and Dumplings. I went to my all time favorite recipe website and found this recipe for Herbed Dumplings. Very Umani um, that would be Umami – the word for the day, haha. Yeah, my younger nephew and I are watching the Iron Chef competition together. Unfortunately, I don’t have a single picture. There is nothing left of the dish, not so much as a dumpling to show. I used fresh herbs in mine, and added rosemary as well…it was good.


First thing on our minds after the flu…Food! November 10, 2009

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Oh yeah, we’re feeling better now for sure! Sunday, we had our Football Gathering. Sis baked some Mac & Cheese, Dh grilled some steaks and pork chops on the grill, and I took care of the sides and snacks. Beautiful. Then the guys took it upstairs to my brothers – he has a new T.V. – so my sister and I watched the Food Network with the kids all afternoon downstairs at our place. Oh yeah, it was a good day.

Monday, Hubby had some appointments, so DD and I did some more deep cleaning that had been neglected some during our convalescence. We had dinner planned out already – menu planning is something we’re working on.


Chicken Fried Steak with milk gravy, mashed potatoes and corn. We don’t normally cook this. I forget why. Ok, I forgot why – then I looked at the nutrition information, I remember now – but still it was SO good. Plus, being in the kitchen preparing a meal with my husband made for an enjoyable evening. Topped off with a cup of coffee out on the porch because it’s really that warm right now.

In fact, I’m headed there again with my sister for now. She’s on her way for her before work visit 🙂 BTW – the plate in the picture – it’s what I sent for her to share with her BF’s 2yo son for dinner last night. I’m not sure any of us could have eaten it on our own, LOL. I’m pretty sure we tried though.