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Really? January 24, 2011

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So, on my quest of crochet patterns to make thoughtful and sweet little gifts for those I love this Valentine’s Day things have taken an odd turn here. There is an overwhelming demand for the most basic/simple thing I think I’ve ever made. Slippers that have been lovingly and laughingly dubbed as “Slocks” by my family. The pattern can be found here at Bev’s Country Cottage . I made them for Christmas in 2009. Last night, my brother even stopped down here with his on to show me the holes and pulls he’s developed in his; to strengthen his plea for a new pair.

                                        So, Slocks it is.


My twist on Olivia’s Butterfly January 12, 2011

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Finally, some of the promised pictures of Olivia’s Butterfly I wrote about just before Christmas. I mentioned I made one for my DD in Red Heart’s Plush Yarn, and then I made her a scarf with the butterfly design on each end as well. The pictures are not the greatest, and she’s not such a willing model any more – but here they are none the less!


The Hat has found a home! January 10, 2011

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This little guy is visiting with his Dad, my brothers room-mate until March. He stays with us while Dad works. I think the hat suits him perfectly. He seems to love it. Of course, he’s only 3 and really loves it when his t-shirts have the same characters as his “Big Boy” pants… Still, he’s awfully happy with it, and it is really warm. Plus it matches his coat. ‘Nuff said.


Valentine’s Day Crochet! January 4, 2011

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Still working through my stash, which has admittedly grown some. Just a little…

This year, I will be making slippers for Valentine’s Day. I’d also like to get a few more pairs worked up for guests. That way, I won’t feel so bad when we have them removing their shoes at the door. It also gives me the oppertunity to try several patterns just for the fun of it.

For DD I found this pair of slippers with a cuff. I’m going to make hers in the black, and use the last of the varigated yarn that I made the tam and shrug with, for the cuff. When I make S.S’s I will add the hearts into the cuff. I’m thinking a yellow cuff with purple hearts – her favorite colors.

For the guys, I found this pattern for Moccasin style slippers. I will post pictures as I complete them, and let you know how the patterns work up.


Recent Crochet Projects January 3, 2011

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Pattern from "Crochet!" January 2011 issue.

The hat didn’t quite turn out the way I’d thought, but for a first time – I guess it’s ok. Everyone loves it – on someone else. Not sure where this one is going to end up. It is quite warm though! Maybe I will rip a few rows out … it was looking like a great hot pad for S.S’s paella pan,  (“Sweet Sister”, as I call her. If you change the one of the letters in my blog title to a “B” – that’s what she calls me, LOL) We’ll just have to wait and see I guess. Like I said, it is really very warm. I might just keep it for myself.

Photo linked to free pattern on at carons website

The shrug, I love. I couldn’t find the “fashion ring” called for in the pattern, so I bought a whole bag of “findings” I think it said – and used a keychain ring in it’s place. It was smaller than called for, but it worked.


It’s still not too late… December 24, 2010

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To stitch up a sweet little something to give as a gift! Here it is Christmas Eve, I know we all have tons left to do – at least us procrastinators, and those of us waiting for that last pay check to complete the finishing touches – I know, I know! Yet, here I sit – trying to quickly put this out there for you – there is time to make at least one more gift. Specifically this sweet little hat called Olivia’s Butterfly. It’s a free pattern, and it works up very quickly with a small amount of yarn. I even made one using Red Hearts Plush yarn, and my 18yo daughter loves it! I made one in purple for the daughter of my friend and neighbor – (the same one the snowflake scarf was for) – that one I stitched up while DH was in the shower before bed – seriously, this hat takes no time to make. Grab a ball of yarn and bring it with you while you’re standing in line with your last minute shopping, take it to the kitchen with you while you’re grabbing cookies out of the oven every 8-10 minutes, you can get a couple few whipped out in that time alone!

Good luck, and enjoy – I’m off. I’ve got more shopping, and baking to do, plus my Mother is coming today – I’m whipping one of these up for her too – bet it’s done before she gets here! Haha, I love it!


Still Crocheting…sort of December 21, 2010

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 I made this scarf for the daughter of my friend and neighbor. She loves scarves, and already has quite the collection.

There are a few adaptions I’d like to make to the scarf. Which is good, because I never wrote down the pattern as I made the flake motif, and have forgotten how I did it. Basicly, you can take any flake motif that isn’t too lacy and attatch them in a line to make a scarf.

I have also discovered a pattern for gloves that I’ve been playing with. You can find it here at Happy Hookin in Bodines. I’ve made the gloves using the exact pattern twice. They are a bit large in the palm – to which my youngest has decided is great for when wanting to use the palm warmer packets on really cold days. I’m playing around with the pattern now, and so far have made the cuff longer (By starting with a chain of 80, and sl st. the first and last 15 instead of 10) and have taken it down in size a bit by using a sl st. straight through the middle two rows that make the fingers; row 2&3, 7&8, and so on. I sl st. from cuff to cuff, alternating wtih continuing on with the pattern for rows 4&5, and 9&10 to make a more fitted glove. Which I am still playing with. I’ll post pictures later, as the boys have already left for school with them on. I like the changes, but of course have a few more in mind.

I am just so excited to have found a pattern for gloves that is so simple.