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Trying to learn to knit February 3, 2011

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I’ve been crocheting since I was pregnant with my daughter – who will be 19 yo next month. I was on bed rest with my 3 yo son. Crochet gave me a way to keep my sanity, as well as make little things to enchant and entertain my son at the same time.  Crochet will always be my first love. But it’s been almost 20 years now, and I’m ready for a little something different. Something a little dangerous – if you could see me wield my needles, you’d understand.

This is my first swatch. Tonight, I’m attempting to add the pearl stitch to my repertoire and see what I come up with.


4 More Sleeps January 17, 2011

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That’s how Hubby and I count the time until he’s home again. He left for another week working out-of-town this morning. He’s been gone for almost an hour, and I already miss him.

Next week, he starts a new job – one where he will be working locally. For another 3 months, any way. After that, he’ll be back on the road, in Buffalo or NJ. Buffalo would be nice, most of his family lives there.

While he’s on the road this week, I’d like to get things in better order so I can actually enjoy the time he’s home again. We changed rooms around a bit over the weekend –  the kids traded spaces, and , well the kids did it themselves. There’s a little tweaking (cleaning,organizing) left to be done…

I’d better get moving though, only 4 more sleeps to go!


I went back to school today January 14, 2011

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No, it’s not that I’ve gone back to school to further my own education. I went to try to keep get my son on track with his. I won’t bore you with the details. Suffice it to say, he’s grounded.

It was so much easier with DD – she was homeschooled, lol. At least I knew what was going on then!


I am *so* laughing at myself! January 13, 2011

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My S.S. and Me 😉

There are not many pictures of my S.S and I together in adulthood. This is strange, because we’re together so much. Of course, I’m usually on the other end of the camera, and she’s doing her best to steer clear of it all together…The last picture of just her and I is from when Hubby and I were bringing her to the hospital – not one either of us wants floating around the ‘net. Trust me, I’ve seen it!

This year, we’ve promised each other to work on changing that. Starting with New Year’s Eve, we did. This is us at the gathering we had with our neighbor and friend.

Momma & her Honey

Here’s the funny part. Remember my “User error” issue I was having with my camera? Well, because of that, we dug out my old camera for the pictures. I slid in a card, but couldn’t transfer the pictures to the card – which is how I upload them to the computer. Then, I couldn’t find the camera. I found the wire to transfer the photos from the internal memory – but no camera. I wasn’t sure if it was left next door, and always forget to ask Hubby if he put it some where when we talk on the phone. Well, today – while putting away some of his paperwork – I found it in a drawer. WooHoo – now I have to find the cord – again. First, let me see if I can get the pictures to transfer to the card. No go. Open it up, and look at the card – it’s not the S.D card – it is the holder type card that is supposed to be in the slot in my computer when not in use to keep dust and junk from that port. Major DUH. No wonder the pictures wouldn’t transfer!

                                                      Oh well, all better now.

All together now!


Packing a Lunch January 11, 2011

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Well, Hubby is off to work for another week. The only way I can ensure he eats semi-healthy with the $15 a day per-diem he gets for working out-of-town is to send him with food as well. Seriously, the only other option for him eating 3 meals a day on that at all would be a dollar menu – and that’s not particularly healthy fare. At least, his choices on them are not!

This week, he’s got 2 containers each of turkey soup, venison stew, baked ziti, chicken with creamy basil sauce, and the tenderloin dinner we had for today as well. He also has pasta & sauce, mac&cheese, several baked potatos, tuna fish,peanut butter and jelly, bread, fruit, and a variety of canned goods to balance out the meals he cooks on the road.

During the week, when we cook, we’ll set aside plates in the freezer for him to take to work for the following week. So far, it’s working out fairly well. Of course, there are some meals we’ll have during the week that just don’t freeze very well, so we’ll double up – so to speak, on others.


Starting the New Year Strong! December 31, 2010

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I’ve already made progress on 2 of my 4 resolutions for the year. I have been baking a lot, so not much has been done in the crafting area. I did get my table moved into the kitchen, and the bar moved into the living-room. I love it! The first night, Sammy (my friend and neighbor) stopped by with her sister, and we sat around the table until after midnight just laughing and joking while the kids hung out in the living-room. The next day, my oldest and dearest friend, who lives in Iowa, stopped by for a visit with her kids. We invited Sammy over again, and we all sat around the table until long after midnight laughing, joking, and reminiscing. Loving it! Plus the bar gives DD more usable space in the living room to organize her art supplies and girlie stuffs

I went to the Dr.’s on Thursday. It was funny, my Mom had called while I was on my way out, I explained my resolution to her. She was so happy. I went on and on about how I promised to do what ever it is they say, try what ever it is they suggested and so on…Then I got there to find they already diagnosed me, they just failed to mention it. The took X-rays last year (or earlier this year, I forget) and found I have an over-straightening in my neck. What they left out is – it’s caused by arthritis. In fact, I have arthritis in my neck and both shoulders. When it feels like the muscles are shredded – they are (eeewww), and this Dr. went on to explain that what happens then is the blood capillaries burst causing hemorrhaging in the spaces created by the shredding, causing scarring to build up. Which can not be repaired. Damn and eeewwww! He also questioned me on my hobbies, to make sure I’m not doing anything to further damage the area…like gardening. Here’s where part of the promise I made to Mom went out the window –

 Me “Um, we don’t even have a lawn.”

Him “Oh good, I won’t have to worry about that then.”

Me “I’m sorry, you misunderstand, we don’t have a lawn because it’s all a garden…”

Then I went on to explain that my husband does help a lot with it. I generally sit while weeding, and since I don’t work outside the home, it’s really done in “little bits” every day. Not me going out there for 3-4 hours at a clip bending and raking every week. I also went on to explain that with hubby on the road so much, we’re planning on starting to put in some raised beds to keep it simpler for us both. Our herbs are in pots, and we hope to add more creative container gardening to our lay out as well. He said that’s all good, plus to use the rolling gardening bench  so I can sit better while weeding. Fair enough.

He also mentioned that there is some nerve damage (sensory loss) that he’d like to keep an eye on. Also, that my arches are sagging – to which I informed him that at this stage of the game – pretty much everything is sagging…Such is life. Oh well. I am still going to be following through with it. 

Now, I’m going to be looking for ways to design our garden space that will be both more productive, and less labor intensive. Guess our procrastination method of “It’s time, lets throw it all in the ground and see what happens.” is out the window, LOL!


Bringing in the New Year December 29, 2010

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Garden Harvest, 2010We’re working on saying good-bye to 2010 and welcoming the New Year.  This year, I am setting my goals to be more self-oriented. I can’t control the economy, hubby’s work schedule, or any number of other things that seem to way-lay all my ‘big plans’ for the year. This year, I’m not falling into that trap.

1) No matter what else is going on, I am going to be crafting on a regular basis.

2) To get more put up from our garden harvest, and to keep better records of what we’re harvesting from it. We give so much away each year (which is wonderful, one of the perks of having a garden), but it would be nice to know we can plant less of one thing, to make room for more variety as well.

3) Going to the Dr.’s and sorting this nonsense out with my back. In fact, I made an appointment for tomorrow. I swear, if there’s a phobia about becoming a hypochondriac – I’ve got that! I baked bread yesterday, I’m still in pain from it – crazy.

4) To work on getting the house better organized so that we can all function and still be comfortable.

And that is it for me. Keeping it simple, trying to any way.