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Who’s idea was this? March 1, 2010

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We finally got some snow worth mentioning – the kids’ even had a snow day. We had bought them all sleds as a surprise – and it was really worth it, they had so much fun. Of course, while they were out in the snow, I remained home, snuggled down with my yarn and hooks.

I made myself a pair of slippers from a free pattern found at Embelished with a flower, and a couple of buttons from my inherited button box (thank’s again, Mom!), and voila. Nothing fancy. A little large, maybe they’ll shrink in the wash. I hope. Still and all, not too bad for the first time working with the pattern. Next up is a purple pair for DD. I just won’t make the adjustments for the large size – since now I know better…

I suspect I’ll be crocheting flowers on just about everything waiting for Spring to arrive now. Looking through all the gardening catalogs has got my anticipation working over time. Pretty soon, it will be time to lay aside the hooks and pick up the spade. Until then, I’ll sit with my hooks in my hand, and gardening on the brain.