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Before we left… December 2, 2009

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I did manage to get a few things finished up for the holiday season. We also got pictures of the dogs in thier Santa Hats – before they ate them, how amazing is that. Kaya’s says “Princess” , Baxter’s says “Christmas is Pawsome” and Yankee’s says “The cat did it – with broken bulbs stitched all over. Cute. My sister bought them so they could be festive too.


Christmas from Scraps November 19, 2009

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I’ve got the slippers all wrapped up. They did eat up a lot of my stash – but there’s still some gifts I can pull out of it.

This vine on a fence scarf, shared for free at Gnats On The Windshield is definitely on the list. 

I’m also going to make some holiday pot-holders. There are more here.

The boys are finally going to get Nunchucks, like they’re always begging for – being the “Ninja’s” they are – crochet ones are perfect 😉

Of course, there are the usual suspects – so to speak – scarves, hats, and mittens. Plus some fingerless gloves/wrist warmers. Head bands, hair accessories, necklaces, purses, remote holders, coasters, place mats, pillows, and such.

 Any other ideas?