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Valentine’s Day Crochet! January 4, 2011

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Still working through my stash, which has admittedly grown some. Just a little…

This year, I will be making slippers for Valentine’s Day. I’d also like to get a few more pairs worked up for guests. That way, I won’t feel so bad when we have them removing their shoes at the door. It also gives me the oppertunity to try several patterns just for the fun of it.

For DD I found this pair of slippers with a cuff. I’m going to make hers in the black, and use the last of the varigated yarn that I made the tam and shrug with, for the cuff. When I make S.S’s I will add the hearts into the cuff. I’m thinking a yellow cuff with purple hearts – her favorite colors.

For the guys, I found this pattern for Moccasin style slippers. I will post pictures as I complete them, and let you know how the patterns work up.


Progress was made February 9, 2010

Valentine's Day Dinner

I made the “phone call” it went well.

I went to the library – found what we’re going to have for Valentine’s Day Dinner. The recipe I am using is the Pasta Timballo from “The Big Night In” written by Domenica Marchetti, I am buying that book. It’s amazing.  I also found a new bread recipe to try from a Taste of Home magazine, two more cookbooks that I really want, “The Best Freezer Cookbook” by Jan Main, and “Eat Cheap, but Eat Well” by Charles Mattocks.

I also went to the Dr. That also went well. I’m just going to have to take it easy with exercising for a while. It’s too quick to hurt my back, and too long to get better. That’s just how it is. He said once the muscle spasms stop, I should feel fine. Good to know 😉