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UFO’s January 6, 2010

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Well, the new year has hardly made its entrance and already, I’m surrounded by UFO’s. Now, in the crafting sense – a UFO is an unfinished object, sad to say my master bedroom afghan is falling into that group since I wasn’t able to buy the yarn to complete it this week, it’s getting there though, and it’s killing me not being able to work on it now – but – this too shall pass.

Of course, even in the crafting world – sometimes a UFO is in fact – a UFO. Here’s one Girlie made. I’ve taught her to crochet, and she’s really enjoying it. I’m not sure she’ll ever be into reading a pattern, but I’ll tell you this – she’s got Free Form Stitching down  in a way I rather envy.

I’m stitching this one to a pillow, so she will always have her first self-started and completed project on display.

And that cream and chocolate afghan I was working on for the living room, well – I frogged it. I gave my sister the next skein for it to work on a project of her own, so instead of having two afghans on stand by I decided to make a little something that I’ve been needing for myself  – gasps in shock and awe…I know, I know.

Hubby and I were walking to the store earlier this week and he commented how I really should be wearing a hat – my witty response was “I don’t own a hat.” Then I felt like a real arse because I’ve made hats and scarves for everyone else so…Duh! The pattern is from the February 2010 issue of Crochet World, and is “Romantic Lace Hat & Scarf” I love it.

Aside from all the stitch work – this past week the kids were on winter recess as well. My youngest son and I had some “Mommy-Boy” time on the Wii Fit – he really cracks me up. Here he is getting into his “Ninja” frame of mind to try to beat his sisters score on the Kung Fu game –


He’s a trip. His new “Saying” is “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but video games hurt my self-esteem.”

Yeah, we have fun.

In his defense – his older brother and sister rolled him off the roof once when he was smaller. Sure, it was a (very) low woodshed roof, and they did wrap him up in  bubble wrap (the kind with the huge bubbles, hubby worked where they manufactured it and would bring home end rolls of it)…but still, sometimes I wonder 😉