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Soup is on, and the bread is rising December 30, 2009

Ok – we’re having Home-made chicken soup and bread for dinner tonight. That is also one of my resolutions for the New Year – menu planning, and working on my time management skills…or lack there of It’s not that any one here ever skips a meal, but I enjoy baking and there are times when I’ll be cooking the evening meal and think “oh wow, I should have made bread, rolls, or bread sticks to go with this” So yeah, I need to plan it out a bit better. Of course, the fact that I hate my kitchen doesn’t help. But, that’s another story, and part of the renovation dreams 😉

Coincidently, I received my first seed catalog in the mail today. Quiet nod to another thing on my list – plan the gardens in advance. We don’t have a lot of space to work with, so in order for us to make the most of it we really have to learn to garden better with the seasons. Last year, we really over planted – we ended up with collard greens, pumpkins, and cucumbers in the front yard with the strawberries and mint. Now that the strawberries are spreading like wild fire (not to mention the mint), I doubt we’ll get away with that this year too.


While I am not adverse to planting food in the front – I think we’re going to have to till the other ‘side’ of the front yard to add much more this coming season. I’m thinking edible and medicinal herbs. I’ll still keep some in the pot arrangement I had this year, very convient for grilling, which we do a lot of.

I would like to have the entire place landscaped in edibles. We plan to add a few dwarf fruit trees, grapes and blueberries this year. It will be years before we see much from it, I know – but some things really are worth waiting for 🙂

Still working on my jump-start into 2010. Bit by bit – I’m getting there. Off to work on my afghan now while the bread bakes.


Herbed Dumplings November 16, 2009

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Today, for our Sunday Football dinner I made Chicken and Dumplings. I went to my all time favorite recipe website and found this recipe for Herbed Dumplings. Very Umani um, that would be Umami – the word for the day, haha. Yeah, my younger nephew and I are watching the Iron Chef competition together. Unfortunately, I don’t have a single picture. There is nothing left of the dish, not so much as a dumpling to show. I used fresh herbs in mine, and added rosemary as well…it was good.