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Let it snow valance finished October 30, 2009

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I’m not sure what I think of it, but it’s done… 

Here it is hanging in the kitchen with the (now) snowflake curtain.

There was not enough cotton to complete it. It ended up being a mixture of cottons. I will end up making the set again – probably in a glittery yarn/thread for next year. We’re planning on replacing the windows soon, and we’re hoping to put a larger window in the kitchen. I’ll wait until I know for sure before doing it again…I think.

At first, I was thinking I’m done working with white for a minute, then I remembered all the other lovely projects I’ve come across I’m itching to do…guess it’s going to be a White Christmas already.


Kickin’ Stash October 28, 2009

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I’m trying to work through my stash of yarn. I’ve collected it through the years, much of it was purchased from thrift shops and yard sales. I have found that’s the best way to experiment with new yarns. This stash has served me for several years, it has survived a flood, a fire, and countless moves – I can’t just “get rid” of it, but I was at a bit of a loss as to what to do with it so… I started brainstorming. Searching the internet looking for smaller projects that could be useful, and fun to make.

First I made – I wanted to make them longer, but there just was not enough of this yarn. The good news is – not only does DD – my model for the photo – actually like them, I used the last of that yarn.

Next was –  I really needed some pot holders. Plus, it’s a good way to play with stitch combinations.

I have another pair of wrist warmers in progress right now, plus I made the two bags pictured in my first post, and there are a few other things that have caught my eye searching online as well. Here are a few –

Here’s a Jack Skellington pattern from April Draven – this young woman has some serious talent, and is extremely generous in sharing her talent with the rest of us. I am SO making this for DD for Christmas 🙂 (Shh, don’t tell her!!)

I’m also going to try my hand at this crochet flower hot pad – it just looks interesting to me. I wonder if DD would like a couple for her Hope Chest?

And over at Susan Stitches, there is a crochet head band/hair wrap I really see me making quite a few of.

Last, but not least – this Ice Princess necklace is a must have for a fun winter wardrobe!

For now, my mantra is –  If there’s only a little  bit,* try a little something new. If it’s a lot of little bits, repeat from * until complete.


Valance turned curtain, needs a valance… October 27, 2009

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Well, while I do love the snowflake valance, it’s really a crappy view out my kitchen window. Fortunatly it’s a small window, so the valance can be used as a curtain even as it is – but then I need a valance.  I  used the  free chart generator at Celtic Cross Stitch and entered  “Let It Snow” and it gave me this – pat_for_Let_It_SnowI tweaked it a little, (spacing) and transferred it to my graph paper (I don’t have a printer) and with a little luck, I’ll have enough of the white cotton to  turn it into a valance to go with the ‘curtain’ I already made…. I’m not going to add the peaks, though if there is anything left over – that is assuming I have enough to begin with- I plan to crochet a few snowflakes to hang off the bottom instead to dress it up a little. We shall see how it all works out. I’ll keep you posted. I’m off to play for a while….


October 25, 2009

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Crochet 003Crochet 001I’ve just completed this window valance for my kitchen. The idea came from a pattern I found on, Hearts & Flowers Valance designed by Katherine Eng. I’ve wanted to do that one for a while, and was going to make it with the white cotton I had and try to dye it after. Thinking I’d aim for red, and be happy with pink…Of course, it’s a valance I’d like to hang for the Valentine’s Day holiday, which is still some time away. It seemed silly to take the chance of ruining the white cotton for a project I won’t use for months. So, I decided to make the valance, but with a snowflake in it instead. The snowflake I found on, though there was no designer information available or I’d give the credit due there as well. All I did was take the two and put them together into a winter valance for my kitchen window. I’m thinking of making a second one for the lower half of the window too, as you can tell – the alley doesn’t offer much of a view…


Early to bed, Early to rise – but this is a bit much… October 17, 2009

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Not only do I only sleep an average of 4-6 hours a night, but I’m one of  those people who if woken after an hour or two – that’s it – I’m awake. Last night, we got to bed early – asleep before midnight for sure – and here I sit at 2am. wide awake. No, I’m not complaining really, there is an upside. Becoming Jane is on, every one is asleep  even the dog  and I get to watch it – in peace!!

It also gives me some time to work on the tissue box for the Winter Challenge I am participating in. The box itself is completed and assembled. It’s the willow itself that is proving to be…well, a bit of a challenge. Mostly, I think, because it has such a Spring time feel to it, and considering the cold weather we’ve been having here – that’s an image I’m finding difficulty keeping in my mind’s eye. Especially after a  day of working outside in that cold weather – putting the garden to bed, readying it for next year.

 This is it for now, the next picture will be of it completed.


Winter Challenge from Alicia Rose October 16, 2009

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Browsing around, I came across a Winter challenge – and decided to accept.  Click the link for the details – I am really excited about  it. Not only will it use up some of the bits and pieces I’m looking to put to good use, but her choosing the Weeping Willow for inspiration gives the project a bit of a nostalgic feeling for me. We used to have this huge weeping willow at my Father’s house that I used to climb up into to read, write, and just dream the days away when I was a young girl.

Stopped mid post – lost my train of thought – which is much better than losing my train of motion for the day. Before getting into the challenge, I had to harvest the last of the radishes from the garden –

Chop a few leeks Dear Heart harvested yesterday

Turn said leeks, radish greens, and potatoes (which we did not grow in our garden…maybe next year) into soup and bake some bread. After eating our late lunch, I blanched and froze the remaining  greens to use at a (probably way to near) future time.  I’m seriously considering trying to grow radishes in the kitchen window for the winter.I’m not too sure the flavor would be the same using market greens.

Then I was able to sit down and work on this –

I have competed the 4 side panels with the variegated yarn. I have just enough of that left to stitch them together, and I’ll have to come up with another color for the top. The tree isn’t stitched to the panel yet. I’m not too sure how I’m feeling about it. I am also still trying to figure out what to do about adding leaves. I could attempt to embroider them on. Or maybe crochet them with a lighter weight yarn/thread. That’s going to be for another day though – or later today, as it’s after midnight here now. If I’ve learned nothing else, it’s not to play with yarn when sleepy – other wise I wake wondering WTH I was thinking. As it stands, I’m not too sure that won’t be my thought when I see the one picture I’ve already posted. Then I would delete it, and no one would know what I’m talking about….

Then you’d know how I feel, haha. Good night.



It’s in the bag… October 14, 2009

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 If nothing else – it’s a great way to use up a yarn stash while creating a gift that can be loved, and used! The purple and green bag is for my daughter to carry her sketch books and pencils in. She carries them around like I carry my camera – but with better results!

After that, one of our neighbors who has a 6 yo daughter informed me that now her DD was pining after DD’s bag, and wishes for one of her own.

Only smaller (since she’s 6, and DD’s bag is almost as big as her toroso), so I asked my munchkin what colors she would like. Brown and pink…and orange. All colors in my stash, but orange – really? Still and all – if it makes her happy, and uses up some of the stash I’ve been carrying around forever, why not.

This is what I came up with for that –

   I didn’t use a pattern. To be honest, I’ve never made bags before. It was something to do to use up some of the yarn I’ve got left over from various other projects made through the years. I’ve made a promise to myself to use what I have before purchasing more. I’m trying really hard to keep that promise. Today is going to be a true test to that promise though…I’m going to JoAnn’s Fabric Store with a friend this afternoon. My only saving grace may be the simple fact that they also sell fabric and notions. I’m seriously pining for some new notions!!