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Recent Crochet Projects January 3, 2011

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Pattern from "Crochet!" January 2011 issue.

The hat didn’t quite turn out the way I’d thought, but for a first time – I guess it’s ok. Everyone loves it – on someone else. Not sure where this one is going to end up. It is quite warm though! Maybe I will rip a few rows out … it was looking like a great hot pad for S.S’s paella pan,  (“Sweet Sister”, as I call her. If you change the one of the letters in my blog title to a “B” – that’s what she calls me, LOL) We’ll just have to wait and see I guess. Like I said, it is really very warm. I might just keep it for myself.

Photo linked to free pattern on at carons website

The shrug, I love. I couldn’t find the “fashion ring” called for in the pattern, so I bought a whole bag of “findings” I think it said – and used a keychain ring in it’s place. It was smaller than called for, but it worked.


~Hat for Shane~ November 22, 2009

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This is my nephew, modeling yet another of my holiday gifts. This hat is for my oldest son. He had one similar some years ago, without the band at the bottom, and it had been worked up in a double stitch – so I doubt it was quite as warm as this one is. It was also his very favorite hat. This is his first holiday season home in three years, and I want it to be memorable. I’m thinking that this will be very special to him because not only is it very similar to the one he had when he was younger – it’s actually made with the remainder of the yarn I made the first one with. Hmmm, I guess there was enough of it to make another hat after all.

Either way, it’s one less ball of yarn in the stash – two actually, I had just enough of that black left for the band at the bottom. Plus it’s another gift to wrap and hold under the tree. I’m one happy Momma right now.