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My twist on Olivia’s Butterfly January 12, 2011

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Finally, some of the promised pictures of Olivia’s Butterfly I wrote about just before Christmas. I mentioned I made one for my DD in Red Heart’s Plush Yarn, and then I made her a scarf with the butterfly design on each end as well. The pictures are not the greatest, and she’s not such a willing model any more – but here they are none the less!


The Hat has found a home! January 10, 2011

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This little guy is visiting with his Dad, my brothers room-mate until March. He stays with us while Dad works. I think the hat suits him perfectly. He seems to love it. Of course, he’s only 3 and really loves it when his t-shirts have the same characters as his “Big Boy” pants… Still, he’s awfully happy with it, and it is really warm. Plus it matches his coat. ‘Nuff said.


Valentine’s Day Crochet! January 4, 2011

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Still working through my stash, which has admittedly grown some. Just a little…

This year, I will be making slippers for Valentine’s Day. I’d also like to get a few more pairs worked up for guests. That way, I won’t feel so bad when we have them removing their shoes at the door. It also gives me the oppertunity to try several patterns just for the fun of it.

For DD I found this pair of slippers with a cuff. I’m going to make hers in the black, and use the last of the varigated yarn that I made the tam and shrug with, for the cuff. When I make S.S’s I will add the hearts into the cuff. I’m thinking a yellow cuff with purple hearts – her favorite colors.

For the guys, I found this pattern for Moccasin style slippers. I will post pictures as I complete them, and let you know how the patterns work up.


Recent Crochet Projects January 3, 2011

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Pattern from "Crochet!" January 2011 issue.

The hat didn’t quite turn out the way I’d thought, but for a first time – I guess it’s ok. Everyone loves it – on someone else. Not sure where this one is going to end up. It is quite warm though! Maybe I will rip a few rows out … it was looking like a great hot pad for S.S’s paella pan,  (“Sweet Sister”, as I call her. If you change the one of the letters in my blog title to a “B” – that’s what she calls me, LOL) We’ll just have to wait and see I guess. Like I said, it is really very warm. I might just keep it for myself.

Photo linked to free pattern on at carons website

The shrug, I love. I couldn’t find the “fashion ring” called for in the pattern, so I bought a whole bag of “findings” I think it said – and used a keychain ring in it’s place. It was smaller than called for, but it worked.


Who’s idea was this? March 1, 2010

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We finally got some snow worth mentioning – the kids’ even had a snow day. We had bought them all sleds as a surprise – and it was really worth it, they had so much fun. Of course, while they were out in the snow, I remained home, snuggled down with my yarn and hooks.

I made myself a pair of slippers from a free pattern found at Embelished with a flower, and a couple of buttons from my inherited button box (thank’s again, Mom!), and voila. Nothing fancy. A little large, maybe they’ll shrink in the wash. I hope. Still and all, not too bad for the first time working with the pattern. Next up is a purple pair for DD. I just won’t make the adjustments for the large size – since now I know better…

I suspect I’ll be crocheting flowers on just about everything waiting for Spring to arrive now. Looking through all the gardening catalogs has got my anticipation working over time. Pretty soon, it will be time to lay aside the hooks and pick up the spade. Until then, I’ll sit with my hooks in my hand, and gardening on the brain.


Crafting for Spring February 21, 2010

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This is the Spring Scarf I’ve just completed for my younger son’s girlfriend for her Easter Basket. The roses are a gift from one of our neighbors 🙂

The motif I used is from “Beyond the Square Crochet Motifs” by Edie Bekman, it’s motif #41, and the first time I’ve ever created anything with the use of motifs. Joining them has always intimidated me. This was easy though, I joined them at the points in the petals as I went along. Wish it was always that simple.


UFO’s January 6, 2010

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Well, the new year has hardly made its entrance and already, I’m surrounded by UFO’s. Now, in the crafting sense – a UFO is an unfinished object, sad to say my master bedroom afghan is falling into that group since I wasn’t able to buy the yarn to complete it this week, it’s getting there though, and it’s killing me not being able to work on it now – but – this too shall pass.

Of course, even in the crafting world – sometimes a UFO is in fact – a UFO. Here’s one Girlie made. I’ve taught her to crochet, and she’s really enjoying it. I’m not sure she’ll ever be into reading a pattern, but I’ll tell you this – she’s got Free Form Stitching down  in a way I rather envy.

I’m stitching this one to a pillow, so she will always have her first self-started and completed project on display.

And that cream and chocolate afghan I was working on for the living room, well – I frogged it. I gave my sister the next skein for it to work on a project of her own, so instead of having two afghans on stand by I decided to make a little something that I’ve been needing for myself  – gasps in shock and awe…I know, I know.

Hubby and I were walking to the store earlier this week and he commented how I really should be wearing a hat – my witty response was “I don’t own a hat.” Then I felt like a real arse because I’ve made hats and scarves for everyone else so…Duh! The pattern is from the February 2010 issue of Crochet World, and is “Romantic Lace Hat & Scarf” I love it.

Aside from all the stitch work – this past week the kids were on winter recess as well. My youngest son and I had some “Mommy-Boy” time on the Wii Fit – he really cracks me up. Here he is getting into his “Ninja” frame of mind to try to beat his sisters score on the Kung Fu game –


He’s a trip. His new “Saying” is “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but video games hurt my self-esteem.”

Yeah, we have fun.

In his defense – his older brother and sister rolled him off the roof once when he was smaller. Sure, it was a (very) low woodshed roof, and they did wrap him up in  bubble wrap (the kind with the huge bubbles, hubby worked where they manufactured it and would bring home end rolls of it)…but still, sometimes I wonder 😉


Vine on a Fence – finished November 24, 2009

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 I completed the Vine on a Fence Scarf from Nathalie over at  Gnats On the Windshield. For something so pretty, it was so easy to make. Plus, I used up more of my stash. The pictures I have really do not do it justice at all.


~Hat for Shane~ November 22, 2009

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This is my nephew, modeling yet another of my holiday gifts. This hat is for my oldest son. He had one similar some years ago, without the band at the bottom, and it had been worked up in a double stitch – so I doubt it was quite as warm as this one is. It was also his very favorite hat. This is his first holiday season home in three years, and I want it to be memorable. I’m thinking that this will be very special to him because not only is it very similar to the one he had when he was younger – it’s actually made with the remainder of the yarn I made the first one with. Hmmm, I guess there was enough of it to make another hat after all.

Either way, it’s one less ball of yarn in the stash – two actually, I had just enough of that black left for the band at the bottom. Plus it’s another gift to wrap and hold under the tree. I’m one happy Momma right now.


Christmas from Scraps November 19, 2009

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I’ve got the slippers all wrapped up. They did eat up a lot of my stash – but there’s still some gifts I can pull out of it.

This vine on a fence scarf, shared for free at Gnats On The Windshield is definitely on the list. 

I’m also going to make some holiday pot-holders. There are more here.

The boys are finally going to get Nunchucks, like they’re always begging for – being the “Ninja’s” they are – crochet ones are perfect 😉

Of course, there are the usual suspects – so to speak – scarves, hats, and mittens. Plus some fingerless gloves/wrist warmers. Head bands, hair accessories, necklaces, purses, remote holders, coasters, place mats, pillows, and such.

 Any other ideas?